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Welcome to Harvest Home Sanctuary's Rescue & Adoption Bulletin Board for Unwanted Animals. We receive many public inquiries each week to provide sanctuary for animals in need. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a home for each and every animal. This online bulletin board is a resource for finding animals loving homes. To request a posting for an animal in need, email

ADOPTED! Chick turns out to be a boy chicken, needs a new home

UPDATE: Henry has been adopted by a great home - his former family visits him weekly, bringing special food treats and lots of holding and love.


Henry in October


Henry in September

A family on the San Francisco Peninsula acquired what they believed to be female sexed chicks 3 1/2 months ago, and realized 2 weeks ago that 1 of the little girls was actually a little boy. Their 10 year old daughter, has now named him Henry and loves him the same as the day he came home with them. But they are unable to have a rooster in the area they live or the surrounding area either. They have tried posting with vets, the local feed stores and all the animal shelters they could to try to find a new home to no avail.  Could you be the one who falls in love with Henry, and takes him in?

Henry has been held multiple times daily by daughter and mom since the day they got him and the other chicks. He has been fed a diet of mixed chicken feed and had daily treats of fresh leafy greens, chicken scratch, fresh corn on the cob and meal worms. They like to feed them from their hands for some of it so the chickens are used to being close to people without fear. The rest, the family spreads about the yard for them to forage for.

If you can open your home to Henry, please contact Nicole at

Three former street kitties are looking for a safe haven (Oakland, Calif.)

Life on the street is tough. Carol, Gambier and Gremlin the Ex-street Cats know all about that. They are lucky to be alive. Now, this purring trio needs your help to find good homes. Check out each of the cat biographies below. For adoption inquiries, please contact Mariah at

Transferred to OAS! Two handsome small roosters at the shelter - they need a home!

10/21/12 UPDATE: These two roosters have been transferred to Oakland Animal Services.


This beautiful pair of small chickens has been at the Hayward Animal Shelter for two months - they need a home! One is an adult rooster and the other is a juvenile, but they aren’t sure if the younger chicken is a boy or a girl.  These two would love a safe, predator-proof enclosure and space to roam during the day - maybe some more chicken friends, too? 

Visit/Call Hayward Shelter and ask about chickens - ID#s A080393 & A080392.

Hayward Animal Services Bureau
16 Barnes Court, Hayward, CA 94544
510-293-7200 (Phone service Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm)
Tuesdays-Saturdays: 1-5pm
Sundays & Mondays: Closed

At RabbitEARS for Adoption (El Cerrito, CA). Bunnies can’t go to China, need new home together (Oakland, Calif.)

UPDATE 2/20/13:  Emily and Mortimer are now available for adoption at RabbitEARS in El Cerrito, CA ( 


November 6th, I’ll be moving to Beijing, China.

Unfortunately, importing rabbits is illegal in the People’s Republic. That means I have to give up my two rabbits, Mortimer  and Emily. I adopted them from the Oakland Animal Shelter four years ago. They’re house rabbits, approximately five years old. They have never lived in a cage. (At least since leaving the shelter.)

They’re a bonded pair (need a home together!), spayed and neutered, litterbox-trained, full of binkys, happy with no health issues.

They are friendly, playful and inquisitive.  Like most rabbits, they are not cuddly with people.

If you can adopt them and give them the kind of home they’re accustomed to, I’d be deeply grateful.

You can contact me at 510-812-5702, or via e-mail at

Adopted! Elderly Chihuahua/Terrier yearns to find a stable, quiet home to enjoy his “Golden Years” (San Francisco, Calif.)

Marco is a 21-pound Chihuahua/Terrier mix that is in need of a forever home. He has been tossed around a lot in his life - to our knowledge he has been re-homed four times in his short life. Marco’s last person was planning on putting him to sleep because he no longer found Marco to be convenient. He is estimated to be between 12 to 13 years old, but he has the heart of a puppy. Enthusiastic would be a great word to describe him - he is enthusiastic about going on walks, playing, getting some lovin’ and his main love in life, EATING. For a dog that has lacked stability in his life, Marco listens well. He knows how to sit and to wait. He has no major behavioral issues but will need some training around new people coming into the home.

Marco’s foster team has taken care of his major medical needs: he has had his teeth cleaned, a benign cyst removed and is up to date on his shots. He has no major medical issues that we know of but as he is an older dog, we are looking for someone who has the means and willingness to address any medical needs that may show up in the future.

Marco needs and deserves a safe, secure, and permanent home to spend his last years. We would like to ensure that his next home is that forever home. He is a great little dog - you’ll love him!

Please contact Susan at with adoption inquiries.

UPDATE: 2 Still Need Homes. A fuzzy troupe of rabbits are about to become homeless (Central Valley, Calif.)

Update 10/17/12: 3 of these 5 rabbits have already found homes, but Lenny and Smokie are still looking for a loving home!


Five adorable rabbits need a new warren to call home very soon. Due to financial challenges, the guardian for this gang of five rabbits can no longer provide a safe haven for her fuzzy buddies. A description for each rabbit is featured below with their glamor shots. For adoption inquiries, please contact Tiffany at

Bonnie: Female, Black Lionhead, Unaltered

Lenny: Male, Charcoal Lionhead Mix, Unaltered

Smokie: Male, Jersey Wooly Red/Grey, Unaltered

Benny: Male, Jersey Wooly White/Brown, Neutered

Hercules: Male, Mini Lop Chestnut, Neutered

Adopted! Kiki the Black Lab mourns the sudden loss of her mom, dreams of new home (Santa Cruz, Calif.)

Do you want a perfectly behaved, friendly, and healthy dog? Then Kiki’s your girl!

Kiki’s guardian died on suddenly on August 27th. Her guardian’s former family wants no part of her, despite the fact that she is beautiful, friendly, loving, playful and essentially the *perfect* dog. For adoption inquiries, call (831) 428-2500 or visit Kiki’s adoption page.

Name: Kiki
Age: 5-6 years
Breed: Black Labrador retriever
Temperament: Loving, sweet. Perfect w/ dogs, cats, and humans
Weight: Full figured
Activity level: Medium. Could be higher if lost weight.
Health: Up-to-date on shots, spayed, licensed.
Favorite things: Sitting next to you, tennis ball chasing, belly rubs, dog parks, walks.
Training: Does not run away, knows her name and how to sit.
Location: Santa Cruz, willing to travel!

If Kiki could talk, she would say this:

"Hi, I love you. I love everyone. Until a week ago, I was living with my momma and my brother, Shadow. Suddenly, they both left me, and now I’m sitting in our house with some roommates who put me outside a lot.

“We all used to go to the dog beach together all the time, and Shadow (my brother) and I would walk together on the same leash, we loved each other so much.

“I enjoy sleeping under the dining room table on my dog bed, but I also am really happy sitting outside. But I’m happiest wherever there is a person around. If there are no people, I’m happy to sit with a dog buddy. I don’t even chew shit up or crap on the floor when people leave me alone because I’m a good girl.

“I know I’ve let myself go in the last few years; my momma overfed me so now sometimes when I’m at the beach, the other dogs mistake me for an elephant seal. Then I start chasing the ball with them and they realize I’m one of them and we all laugh.

"I am kind of confused as to where everyone went, but I love the new lady who’s been coming over to walk me everyday that I like to pretend she’s my new momma. But she told me I can’t come home with her because apparently she has a bad dog who will bite me.

“I hope someone takes me home with them soon, because I heard the roommates talking about moving out, and that scares me because where will I go? The landlord wants all of my momma’s stuff (which includes me) gone in the next 3 weeks.”

Photos of Kiki are available here.

Adopted! Cuddle bunny kicked out of condo, looking for a forever home! (Castro Valley, Calif.)

This adorable bunny has been adopted, and found a great home!       


This little dutch mix bunny was found hopping around in the yard of a condo complex in Castro Valley - when the security guard returned the bunny to his owner, she said she didn’t want him any more and let him loose outside again.

A good Samaritan neighbor caught the bunny and is looking for a new home for him, as soon as possible.  He’s very cuddly and will let you hold him for about an hour - most rabbits don’t really like to be held, so this little guy is clearly very special!  He’s a very gentle rabbit and would do well in a home with children or adults.


The bunny does great with small dogs and cats.  He’s already litterbox trained.  He’s looking for a great indoor home!


57 RESCUED! 22+ Still need homes as of 10/16! Original: 114 adorable roosters need a miracle by September 7th (Santa Barbara, Calif.)

10/16 Update
From our friends at Animal Place:

Fifty-seven roosters were pulled from their individual cages (where they would have remained for their lives) with the help of the amazing staff at Santa Barbara County Animal Services. We drove 50 to Horse Plus Humane Society - an 8 hour drive - where they will be rehomed or remain permanently, free to roam 60-acres. Two of the tiny roosters will remain at Animal Place, three are going to new homes, and we have two available for adoption! There are 22+ roosters remaining in need of permanent homes, so please help if you can!”



Jan E. Glick of Santa Barbara County Animal Services has a desperate plea to save the lives of a wonderful group of roosters:

"Santa Barbara County is seeking homes for 114 roosters that were seized for neglect in December of 2011.  The case is closed and we are able to place the birds.  There is a wide variety of roosters, none are fighting birds and they are handleable and social with people. We need to place the birds by September 7, 2012.  Our local efforts are exhausted at this point. I attach some photographs to give you a sampling of what we have.  There are a lot of lovely birds in our care currently. Please contact me at 805-681-5284 or if you are able to help.  We appreciate anything you can do.”